Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Road to Lime Creek Canyon

A dirt road leading to the south rim of Lime Creek Canyon is 13.1 miles south of the Kane Gulch Ranger Station along Utah Route 261 in southeast Utah.

This road doesn’t seem to have a number or a name but it is marked as a designated route for vehicles in this area. The road has some eroded spots. I chose to start my hike here at the junction with Highway 261. It is about 1.3 miles through Pinon Pine and Utah Juniper forest to a junction with a dirt road that connects to the Cigarette Springs Road that is about 3 miles to the north.

Before arriving at the junction, a rocky outcrop with some rubble on top is visible to the left. Other rocky hilltops are visible straight ahead, and the road continues past the junction toward them. This rocky hilltop is actually on the northeast side, slightly past the road junction.

I followed a faint trail from the road junction toward the rocky outcrop and passed what looks like a Navajo sweat lodge.

Climbing up onto the rocky outcrop there are several ruins structures and views toward Lime Creek Canyon.

This site might be known as the Lime Creek Watch Tower, but doesn’t seem to be very well known. If you drive to this area to hike in Lime Creek Canyon you might pass it without noticing it. 

None of these structures seemed to have any mortar remaining. The rocky outcrops further to the east didn’t have any visible structures on top. Often these lookout points have a line of sight to other lookout points, but I didn’t notice one here.

From where I started it took 0:40 minutes to arrive at this hilltop ruins site. From here, I continued north to the Lime Creek Canyon rim and hiked east, scanning the layered canyon walls. (The hike continues on the next post.)

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